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Unlock the full potential of ‘Agile’ practices at scale with Jira Align. For teams over the size of 500, Jira Align provides the tools and capabilities needed to align your organisation, empower your teams, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Align your organisation with Jira Align

Innovation often suffers from a lack of transparency, which can be a major pitfall. However, Jira Align, provides a remedy by making your work visible. This increased visibility allows you to track and measure progress effectively while promoting collaboration among team members. By embracing transparency, your work becomes more trackable, measurable, and collaborative, leading to improved outcomes.

Jira Align Features

Align work to strategy

Align work to strategy

One of the key benefits of Jira Align is that it ensures your work aligns with your overall strategy. By having a comprehensive view of the work being done, you can easily identify if it is aligned with your strategic goals. This alignment ensures that your teams are working towards the same objectives, resulting in increased efficiency and better outcomes.

Top-to-bottom approach

Top-to-bottom approach

Jira Align goes beyond individual teams and promotes shared outcomes and learnings throughout your organization, regardless of the team's level. This top-to-bottom approach drives collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling your teams to learn from each other and continuously improve.

Increased Collaboration

Increased collaboration

With Jira Align, you can harness the power of transparency, collaboration, and alignment. Users can create and prioritise work for current and future program increment and manage backlogs. Development and refinement of backlogs will automatically generate ‘roadmaps’ which can be modified to match current or future requirements.

With Jira Align, you can harness the power of transparency, collaboration, and alignment to unlock the full potential of your teams.

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