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VMotion IT Solutions is Europe’s trusted Atlassian Services Provider. We enable distributed teams to effectively collaborate, innovate and significantly boost their everyday productivity.

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Let our Atlassian Expertise guide you on the way to implementing Atlassian solutions within your Enterprise.

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Our experienced engineers will install and configure your Atlassian products and will assist you in data migration.

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Make sure to book your training sessions to speed up user adoption of Atlassian solutions within your enterprise.

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Atlassian Products

Powering Innovation and Teams from Startups to Enterprise In Ireland and
Around the World

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    Jira is the tracker system for teams planning and building great products. Teams choose Jira to capture and organise issues, assign work and follow team activity. Available for desktops and mobile devices.

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    Jira Software unlocks the power of Agile for your teams. Creating and estimating stories, building a sprint backlog, identifying team commitment and velocity, reporting on team progress is now easier than ever before.

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    Atlassian JIRA Service Desk logo

    Solve more problems faster and efficiently. Jira Service Desk is the most collaborative service desk on the market. Start working immediately with out-of-the-box service level agreements or create your own.Assess performance instantly and improve your IT team’s efficiency.

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    Atlassian JIRA capture logo

    Jira Capture enables your team to give rich, thorough feedback quickly and consistently. Bugs are easier to reproduce when they have been raised with JIRA Capture. Engineers can spend their time fixing issues, rather than trying to reproduce them from incomplete reports.

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    Atlassian JIRA logo

    With Confluence you can give your teams one place to share, find and collaborate on information and documents they need to get work done. Capture the knowledge that's too often lost in email inboxes and shared network drives in Confluence instead.

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    Atlassian JIRA agile logo

    Confluence Team Calendars connects Confluence and Jira like never before. It creates a single place for managing team leave, tracking Jira projects and planning events.

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    Atlassian JIRA capture logo

    Capture, learn from and retain the collective knowledge of your organization as it grows. Confluence Questions is your internal Q&A system.

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    Atlassian JIRA Service Desk logo

    Connect SharePoint to your Confluence wiki for bi-directional content embedding, single sign-on, and federated search.

  • stash icon
    Atlassian stash logo

    Git repository management. Your code on your servers. Manage Git repositories, set up fine-grained permissions and collaborate on code. Secure, fast and enterprise grade.

  • bamboo icon
    Atlassian bamboo logo

    Discover Jira issues from code to customer. Bamboo connects issues, commits, test results and deploys, so your entire product team has the whole project picture.

  • bitbucket icon
    Atlassian bitbucket logo

    Git and Mercurial code hosted in the cloud. Manage, review and share your Git and Mercurial source code with free unlimited private repositories.

  • clover-icon
    Atlassian clover logo

    Clover provides Java and Groovy code coverage for software testing. Spend more time writing code that does stuff than code that tests stuff.

  • crucible
    Atlassian crucible logo

    Crucible is peer code review tool. Review code, discuss changes, share knowledge and identify defects with Crucible flexible review workflow.

  • fisheye icon
    Atlassian fisheye logo

    Fisheye provides a read-only window into your Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git and Mercurial repositories, all in one place.

  • sourcetree-icon
    Atlassian sourcetree logo

    SourceTree is a powerful free Git and Mercurial desktop client for developers on Mac or Windows.

  • crowd-icon
    Atlassian Crowd logo

    Atlassian Crowd provides centralized identity management with single sign-on to all your apps and developer tools. It is a user friendly tool that is easy to use, administer and integrate.


VMotion are a trusted provider of VMWare vCloud Suite

VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering for building and managing a VMware vSphere private cloud based on the Software-Defined Data Center architecture.

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When you need more than just our Atlassian expertise, you can always rely on our broad industry experience.

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IT Consulting

Let our experienced teams help you in driving your projects in Software Development, Quality Assurance, System Integration and Database Design.

  • Professional IT Contractors

  • Short and long-term contracts

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Managed Hosted Services

With VMotion IT Solutions managed hosted services, you can have your IT Infrastructure on our managed platform: Email, Databases, Storage, SaaS.

  • No capital investments

  • Experienced management team

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Virtualization Services

VMotion can help you virtualize your hardware and move your operations to public, private or hybrid cloud - increasing your enterprises flexibility

  • Reduce capital expenditure

  • Increase operational flexibility

- What Top Brands Are Saying About Atlassian -
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    We're very happy with JIRA Service Desk. The roll out was really smooth. The adoption from the user community was phenomenal. Meanwhile, the requests are coming in and getting resolved faster and more efficiently.
    Gen Kallos Associate Director of Operational Improvement at VistaPrint

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  • tulio logo
    The JIRA/Stash integration has transformed the way our software teams are able to communicate, work together, and deploy code. It's been an absolute game changer for us... We are able to develop and deliver higher quality products faster and more efficiently.
    Daniele Farnedi Chief Technology Officer at Trulia

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  • hubspot logo
    We began using Confluence practically as soon as we had cash in the bank so it's hard to imagine life without it. I can say that we’d be much less productive if we didn’t have such an active collaboration structure powered by your products. Confluence definitely helps on idea launch and for early feedback. Meetings are not needed if not everyone’s on the same page from the start.
    Jim O'Neill Chief Information Officer at HubSpot

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  • puppet labs logo
    We're very satisfied with JIRA Service Desk. From the roll-out, to the community adoption, it was spectacular. All while support tickets are being processed much faster and more efficiently.
    Nick Cunningham IT Manager at Puppet Labs

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