Education and Training, the key to unlocking the potential that ultimately underpins success

eFront LMS allows organisations, enterprise clients and businesses to recruit, train, and manage their people. The system helps companies to engage with their workforce and empower their people. LMS can impact and improve the employee experience, helping people to work even better – which ultimately translates to successful outcomes and greater business results.


With eFront LMS the enterprise, business or organisation can progress to manage the employee lifecycle more effectively The LMS solution easily integrates with any other technology platforms and users can conveniently access the LMS software anytime, anywhere, and on any device

eFront is an LMS that can cater to a high volume of users. The system is equipped with all the core features users need



Custom Branding




Multi-Language Support


Users can also improve engagement with Gamification and Blended Learning

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eFront Helps Talent Thrive

Through eLearning eFront LMS focuses on helping talent thrive with its “world-class Learning and Talent Development Platform.” The system has a modern interface, multi-language support, and all the features you would expect from an LMS.

Custom Branding and Design

Custom Branding & Design

Users can own the interface with custom branding and a plugin architecture. eFront gives organisations the ability to customise the environment they present to their audience. The finished product can look and feel like it is a part of the company rather than a third party extension of it.

  • Guide with Learning Paths

    Trainers can guide each trainee with learning paths. Each path can be designed for a specific job role, department, or goal. They contain only what the learner needs to meet requirements based on their current training status. Learning paths ensure that course material is accessed in the correct order.

  • Branches and Remote Offices

    eFront supports branching, which allows users to segment the LMS into separate branches. Each is treated as a unique entity with its own theme, course catalogue and user group.

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Blended Learning

Users can train any way they like using the blended learning capability. It offers a combination of online learning and instructor-led training. Classes can be held face-to-face in a traditional classroom or sent as a video conference using BigBlueButton or Web-ex to make training more accessible.

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Easily Manage Training Material

eFront lets users create effective learning material or continue to utilise material they already own. Users can add presentations, documents, videos, and SCORM content. Web content can also be brought in from sites like Wikipedia, YouTube and other sources

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System Security

eFront was designed for both functionality and security. The system is constructed using the most modern web standards. It includes extensive security settings that range from better passwords to IP restrictions which prevents unauthorised entry while allowing the right people access when they need it.

  • Supported Devices & Platforms

    eFront is very flexible when it comes to access. Users can login from the web or any mobile device. It’s compatible with most Windows and Linux distributions and works with all modern browsers. The system also meets all WCAG-2 accessibility requirements.

  • Customer Service & Support

    Users can access an extensive documentation library that provides information and instructions on specific tasks and features. We include training for administrators during implementation. Post implementation support is through our online ticketing management system and telephone support.

All the features you need, in one platform

Assessments and Surveys

& Surveys

Offline Learning


All-in-one reports

All-in-one reports

Archive Protection


Email Communication

Email Communincation
& Collaboration

Course Repository






The right training, no matter the audience

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Employee Training

From candidate screening and induction training to continuous development and performance appraisal, eFront enables you to train your employees and develop their skills to their full potential.

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Compliance Training

eFront provides full support for online compliance training on laws, regulations, and company policies, using custom certificates, expiration policies, and custom reports.

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Extended Enterprise Training

Built to scale for any partner or customer network beyond your enterprise, eFront equips you with all the tools to ensure your channel has the information required to effectively and accurately represent your products and services.

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