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VMotion IT Solutions is offcial CSP (Citrix service provider) and specialises in providing Best and robust XenApp Hosting solutions. We have vast experience in providing hosting solutions to our customers worldwide and we believe that technology and innovation are key things to grow your business. Our expereinced consultants work with you to achieve your business goals. Our friendly support team is here to help 24x7 for any enquiries.

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Deliver Windows business applications to any device while enhancing data security, reducing costs and empowering user productivity.

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XenApp is the leading solution for virtual application delivery

With Citrix XenApp, you can provide Windows apps to workers on any device, anywhere. By centralizing control with XenApp, organizations can provide team flexibility and freedom to of mobility while increasing security and reducing costs. XenApp enables healthcare, Finance, Government, Manufacturing and education industries by delivering seamless, secure access to the applications.

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  • Citrix Xenapp Receiver


    Users access their applications and desktop through Citrix Receiver, a universal client that runs on virtually any device operating platform, including iOS and Android in addition to Windows, Mac® and Linux®.

  • Citrix Xenapp HDX

    HDX Technology

    HDX technologies offer a set of capabilities that deliver a “highdefinition” experience to users of virtual applications and desktops, on any device and over any network.

  • Citrix Xenapp Netscaler

    NetScaler Gateway

    NetScaler Gateway is a secure access solution for apps and desktop that gives administrators granular applicationand data-level control while empowering users with remote access from anywhere.

  • Citrix Xenapp Storefront


    StoreFront provides a self-service subscription service via an enterprise app store, giving users convenient access to all the corporate apps and desktops they need.

  • Citrix Xenapp Controller


    Controller centrally manages user access to virtual apps and desktops located in the datacenter through user and computerbased policies.

  • Citrix Xenapp Apps and Desktop

    Apps and desktops

    With XenApp any type of application or server-hosted desktop on a Windows or Linux OS, running in a private or public cloud, can be centrally managed and delivered on-demand to thousands of users worldwide.

  • Citrix Xenapp Studio


    Studio provides service design wizards for creating and managing infrastructure and resources for delivering applications and desktops, thereby simplifying production deployments.

  • Citrix Xenapp Director


    Director provides real-time trend and diagnostic information on users, applications and desktops to aid helpdesk staff with troubleshooting.

  • Citrix Xenapp Edgesight


    EdgeSight provides long-term trending, analytics and performance data tools for capacity management and upholding service level agreements.

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  • "XenApp has been critical in how we deliver essential applications... while maintaining a very high level of security. We started by enabling our clinicians to walk around the hospital and still get right back into their applications, effectively bringing their desktops with them wherever they were in the hospital."

    Johnny Brister - Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health Systems
  • "The Citrix environment has meant huge efficiency gains for our IT technicians in the field. In fact, the time it takes IT field staff to serve employees has decreased by 50 percent."

    Shai Levi - Israel Electric
  • "We've been a Citrix shop for a while so we've been able to utilise a lot of the functionality. We've been able to take five data centres and consolidate them down in to two with a fraction of the cost that it would have taken us to stand them up before. That to me is where this project paid for itself.”

    Jack McElwayne - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
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With XenDesktop, your business is borderless, giving your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs.

XenDesktop transforms Windows desktops into on-demand service available on any device

With XenDesktop, you can enhance your business possiblity. Give your customers and employees freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. With industry leading XenApp bulit in, XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just app to any device. VMotion IT Solutions provides Citrix XenDesktop solutions to our customers anywhere around the globe. We are the expert in building and hosting Citrix XenDesktop environments and always ready to help our customers, work with them and discuss the needs to achieve their business goals.

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See if XenApp and XenDesktop are right for your organisations goals

Comprehensive app and desktop virtualization to deliver any use case

Meet the demands of any users with a robust platform that streamlines operations and reduces deployment costs by as much as 30% with flexible delivery options. XenDesktop includes XenApp published apps for secure access to 5 generations of Windows apps on any device and XenApp published desktops for maximum IT control.

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Empower employee productivity by working anywhere

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop allows your distributed teams to access the apps they need on the go. XenApp and XenDesktop provides app compatibility using 5 generations of Windows apps seamlessly, instantly “mobilizing” Windows corporate applications for use on any unsecured, unmanaged tablets and smartphones.


Empower employees with choice

Increase employee satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and recruiting while reducing the costs of employee onboarding and exits by delivering apps and desktops as an on-demand service that is provisioned in real time rather than hours of labor required to prepare traditional hardware.


Decrease risk of data loss while securing corporate access

With Citrix XenApp, you can provide secure access and reduce the risk of data loss for your organisation by centralising applications in the datacenter to protect intellectual property and sensitive, private information. XenApp allows for granular access policy enforcement that reduces the risk of data loss or intrusion through unsecured connections and VPN holes.


Reduce cost and complexity of application and desktop management

Dramatically reduce storage and application management costs with innovative single image provisioning technology that obliterates the need for expensive, shared storage while streamlining application deployment and lifecycle management processes by eliminating the need to manage and patch individual systems.

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