Put a real wiki inside of SharePoint.

Unite SharePoint and Confluence with federated search, bi-directional content embedding, and single sign-on. Combine powerful free-form content creation and collaboration with the document management and workflow strengths of SharePoint.

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Sharepoint connector can transform the way you use Confluence and Sharepoint in your business.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector embed

    Embed Content Both Ways

    Blend enterprise documents and lists with rich Confluence content, all on a single SharePoint page. Display blog posts and the rich discussions they allow inside SharePoint so everyone can contribute.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector search

    One search box

    Give your users one search box to find everything: Confluence pages, blog posts, and SharePoint documents. Full document security and permissions are maintained across all content and search results.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector wiki

    Browse your wiki

    Sharepoint Connector support for Web Part Connections allows users to browse through an entire Confluence space – pages and blog posts – without leaving SharePoint.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector share

    Share your lists

    Whether its documents, links, calendars, tasks, issues, notes or discussions – your team can put all their favorite SharePoint lists inside Confluence pages.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector free

    Free your documents

    Share and instantly edit SharePoint documents within lists embedded in Confluence. All document changes will automatically be updated in SharePoint's content repository.

  • Confluence Sharepoint Connector single signon

    Single sign-on

    Seamlessly navigate between SharePoint and Confluence via Microsoft Active Directory. With a single username and password for both applications, sign into one application and you're signed into both.

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  • "We began using Confluence practically as soon as we had cash in the bank. So it's hard to imagine life without it. I can say that we’d be much less productive if we didn’t have such an active collaboration structure powered by your products. Confluence definitely helps on idea launch and for early feedback. Meetings are not needed if not everyone’s on the same page from the start."

    Jim O'Neill - HubSpot
  • "We're starting to see people use Confluence to collaborate rather than pass around emails and keep spreadsheets. There's been a wonderful increase in speed and transparency across the engineering teams. Management is looking forward to rolling out JIRA and Confluence across the entire company, so it looks like we'll soon be adopting Atlassian products on an even broader scale."

    Aaron Jones - Good Technology
  • "This year we’re starting to realize some economies of scale and Confluence is helping us with that... We're figuring out more efficient processes with leaner ways of communicating and documenting. Oftentimes people don’t know who to go to for help, especially as we get bigger. Now they can just go to the Request Center and find the answer to a variety of questions. Our first contact resolution rate is 100% higher when a user goes through the request center.”

    Evan Maridou - BONOBOS
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